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My name is Stuart Cusack and I am a web developer from Dublin. If you are looking to contact me regarding work then please visit my homepage here, otherwise, please try to enjoy my blog. It needs some work!

Realex Website Integration

I have recently been integrating Realex into a WordPress website. It was not my first experience with the Realex API but it had been a long time. I re...


WordPress Pricing Guide

What is WordPress? WordPress is a system for building websites of all kinds on. It is perfectly suited for small to medium sized businesses and it giv...


The Fastest Website Hosting in Ireland

No, I'm not lying. It really is the fastest hosting in Ireland. You see my website servers are located in Amazon cloud farms. Yes, the same Amazon as...


Super-fast websites, page speeds and load times

Is your website struggling and are pages loading slowly? Well then please read this article and see if I can help you with that.