Development Blog 13th September 2023

I develop custom administration systems

Most businesses are moving their administration systems to the internet browser thanks to advances in web technologies. These technologies are much more versatile than traditional OS-based software and allow for faster development at lower costs. It's now possible for a single web developer to create highly functional, and very useful, admin systems within a reasonable timeframe.

Web-based systems can also take full advantage of the cloud and that means that you and your staff can have full access to your company's data by logging in from any device with an internet browser.

I am a qualified web developer from Dublin and I build custom administration systems for my clients in Ireland and around the world. I build using the Laravel Framework which provides an amazing array of powerful features that can be tailored precisely to meet your business's needs, including:

  • Database architecture tools and simple querying.

  • Secure user authentication and customisable access management.

  • Event handling & notifications, including email and SMS.

  • Cloud file storage and management.

  • Custom API features

  • Queues for task processing

Laravel also integrates with all the best modern JavaScript and design frameworks. All of this combined gives me the power to build fully functional, incredibly reliable and highly interactive administration systems.

Example 1: Order Management Systems

Existing e-commerce solutions are generally unsuitable for wholesale services or business-to-business providers. I have built custom ordering systems for various types of clients, including:

  • Businesses who fabricate custom products: Tables and forms to manage order status. User Notifications.

  • Wholesale food providers who sell large quantities: Custom product catalogues. Customer-facing forms to take orders. Order administration.

Example 2: Facility Management Systems

I built a custom system for property management company which is responsible for thousands of properties, and all the facilities, such as bin rooms and bike sheds, that go with them. The system tracks any incidents that may occur in these facilities, be it an activated fire alarm or a break-in.

Previously the company had to rely on a paper filing system which, over the years, had filled an entire room of folders that were completely inefficient when it came to retrieving specific details.

The system allows for:

  • Management of hundreds of facilities and thousands of properties.

  • Creation and tracking of incidents, with detail notes and follow ups.

  • Easy retrieval of incidents.

  • Secure access and authentication.

Example 3: Client Management Systems

One of the more common uses for custom systems is for managing clients, patients and customers. I have built client management systems for many use-cases including:

  • Patient management: Encrypted patient records and self-destructing data. Attendance records. Doctor to patient relationship management. Timetables.

  • Customer management: Customer list and notes. Payment requests and handling.

Example 4: Staff Management Systems

I built a system for a client of mine who needed to keep staff records and provide staff members with company documentation and important notifications. The features of this system include:

  • Staff management tables and forms

  • Email / SMS notifications to one or all staff members at the click of a button.

  • Private access to company documents and policies.

  • Collection of staff consent to company policies.

Anything is possible

These are just a handful examples to give you an idea of what modern web applications can do. Talk to me today if you think a custom admin system might be suitable for your business. I am available to consult and plan out the requirements for your ideal system. You can also read more about my Custom Built Web Applications.