Development Blog 7th July 2024

2024 Update

I have been neglecting my blog since September of 2023 and I will try to write more often, but for the moment, here's a quick list on what I've been working on:

Stripe Payments

Stripe Connect: You can set up a custom Stripe-based platform and allow vendors access to that platform for a per-transaction fee. The use cases for this are very exciting. This year I build two Stripe Connect applications, which are ticking away and taking payments that are sent to vendors after a small platform fee has been deducted by the owner.

Stripe Subscriptions: Stripe has it's own subscription model, useful for many things such as memberships, both online (SaaS) and physical. I'm current working on a custom Stripe subscription application for a museum in Dublin.


I was resisting heavy use of Laravel Livewire and focusing on Vue but I can't ignore Filament. It's the best framework I've seen for building administration panels, and general user interfaces. It's miles ahead of everything else that I've tried and so I am now recommending Filament Panels to my clients.


I'm still building new websites that require a content management system on Statamic. Most of my time is spent on Statamic builds and I really like working with it.

I sold an application!

I wont divulge too much information right now but one of my web applications, which has been running smoothly for years and generating passive income, has been sold! It's a big milestone in my web development career.

That's all for now. I promise to come back with more details some day.

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