I am a qualified freelance web developer with many years' experience. This page explains my hourly rate and fixed costs.

My Hourly Rate

I charge €40 per hour + VAT (currently 21%) for all services related to Web Development. I usually insist on working on the clock as there are just too many unknown variables when it comes to websites, but I can provide fixed quotations in some cases.

Minimum Charges

I apply a minimum charge of €10 (15 minutes work) + VAT for small jobs, such as installing plugins or making minor text changes.

What do I charge for?

As a freelance worker I have to ensure that all of my time spent working on your project is covered. This includes all web development work and meetings.

I consider web development work to include:

  • Drawing Designs
  • Writing Technical Specifications
  • Coding

I generally don't need to meet my clients in order to complete a project but I am of course happy to meet. Unfortunately, I have to bill for meetings once a project begins.

How much is a website?

Every website is different with unique requirements so I don't currently offer a general price for new websites. I have built barebones websites for under €1,000 and I have built complex websites with hundreds of pages that cost over €10,000.

The average price of a newly designed five-to-ten page brochure-style website that is SEO friendly and PageSpeed optimised will usually run between €1500 and €2500, depending on the features required. We can always cut out SEO and Speed Optimisation to save on costs but I would rarely recommend that.

Fixed Costs

I can only provide fixed quotations when I know exactly what the work involves. In general, I will need you to provide detailed documentation of the work in order for me to quote a price.

For larger websites this documentation needs to be of a professional grade in order for me to accurately calculate the time and costs. If you cannot provide these documents then I can write them as a separate service.

Website Hosting Pricing

AWS Hosting with WordPress Website Management

The fastest, most consistent website hosting in Ireland, provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). My standard Micro-hosting package will easily handle a thousand unique visitors to your website each day, and this is usually far more power than most local business websites need.

Every website that I host achieves between 99.7% to 100% uptime, all year round, with consistently fast load times.

This package includes SSL certificates and my WordPress Website Management service.

€349 + VAT per year

Website Hosting Pricing

AWS Hosting for Non-WordPress Websites

I also host various kinds of custom PHP and Laravel websites on Amazon Web Services (AWS). These kinds of websites generally don't require as much security management but I can offer custom packages for your website's needs.

base price: €249 + VAT per year

Website Hosting Pricing

WordPress Website Management - for sites hosted elsewhere

If you don't have the time to keep your WordPress website up to date then I highly recommend you hire someone to do it for you. An out of date WordPress website is an easy target for malicious scripts that roam the internet.

This package includes monthly WordPress updates, security monitoring and weekly backups.

€199 + VAT per site per year

Website Hosting Pricing

Bigger servers for high-traffic websites

I also provide much more powerful AWS servers and server management for high-traffic websites.

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My name is Stuart and I am a Web Developer from Dublin
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