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I use modern techniques and the best technologies to develop all kinds of websites and web applications.

Stuart Cusack - Web Developer

Hi, I'm Stuart.

I am a qualified programmer from Dublin and I have been building websites and web applications for around 15 years. I am what is known as a full-stack web developer, which basically means that I have all the requisite skills to build and launch fully functional websites and applications. I dabble in design too and I have good understanding of the basic principles of web design.

I work with sole traders and small companies as well as larger organisations and other web design agencies, but unlike web agencies, I do not outsource my work and I personally deal with all of the details of my client's project.

You can read more about my skillset here, and do get in touch if you would like to discuss work.

My main areas
of expertise

My Expertise

Bespoke Websites

I build highly-optimised websites using the best back-end and front-end frameworks.

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My Expertise

Bespoke Web Applications

I can build fully customised applications that run in your web browser. The possibilities are endless.

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My Expertise

Web Development

I've been building websites for nearly 20 years and I work with a wide range of back-end and front-end technologies.

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My preferred


GitHub is a place to store code and allow developers to collaborate safely. The Git version control system maintains a full history of all changes and contributions made to your applications code. I use it for every project, and I give full code ownership to my clients.


Laravel gives web developers super powers. It's an extremely flexible PHP framework that defines sensible structures and common features that 99% of web applications need. I rarely use anything else.


Statamic is a modern content management solution that integrates nicely with the Laravel framework. It's a joy to work with for both developers and content managers alike. So long WordPress!


Nova is a administration panel for Laravel that enables fast building of sophisticated forms, tables and other admin components. It's very powerful and can save a lot of time and money when compared to building custom admin panels.


Tailwind CSS is a game changer for front-end developers and CSS coders. It enables me to rapidly & accurately convert complicated website designs into highly responsive websites. It's easy to work with and optimised to the nines to produce tiny files for the fastest websites.


Bootstrap CSS may be overshadowed by Tailwind but it's collection of pre-made components can still be great for quickly building user interfaces and administration panels, especially when teamed-up with Vue.js in the BootstrapVue library.


When I have to write a lot of very complicated JavaScript then I always reach for a good JS framework. Vue.js is my favourite and it can be used to develop complex, highly reactive user interfaces and single page applications.


Livewire adds modern reactivity to Laravel websites without writing a single line of JavaScript. It enables me to build highly reactive components in a fraction of the time that it would using a heavyweight JS framework, such as Vue.

Cloud Technology

I work with the best cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Digital Ocean. These technologies make sure your website is always fast and reliable.

Currently on display in my showcase


To mark the centenary of James Joyce's Ulysses, I was hired to convert a beautiful Figma design into a functional, multilingual website, with all the bells and whistles.

The site is still in development but it's shaping up to be my finest example of how Laravel and Statamic can unleash the power of modern development techniques and replicate complex designs / content structures. I don't believe we could have achieved the same level of quality with WordPress.

  • Statamic Content Management

  • Multilingual Content (English & Irish)

  • Custom Galleries & Lightboxes

  • Custom Rich Content Builders

  • Custom Media Submissions Form