Development Blog 28th August 2022

Laravel Nova Developer Dublin

I love the Laravel framework, and Laravel Nova is an official admin panel for Laravel apps. Nova is a great option available when an admin interface is needed to manage important data and assets of a website. It's not a content management system, though it can be used to make one. Nova is based on Laravel concepts which provide true Object Orientated (OO) data administration. It's incredibly flexible!

Nova can be configured to manage any kind of resource or collection of resources - which are just things represented in a database. These could be your typical website stuff such as users and products, to web content such as images, videos and documents. Nova also makes it easy to set up relationships between these resources as well as automated actions to be performed on them.

These simple OO concepts, combined with Nova's simple scaffolding, allow us developers to quickly build uniquely useful admin systems. Over the years I have built Nova systems for managing customer orders, website memberships, sports results, apartment complexes and digital art galleries.

In an ideal world every admin system would be custom built, but that kind of work is expensive. Laravel Nova simplifies the concept of building admin systems and saves us a lot of time and money usually spent re-inventing the wheel. It's not ideal for every system but it may well just be perfect for your needs.