Development Blog 6th January 2023

Rebuild Your WordPress Website

Are you starting to see the limitations of your WordPress website? I will try to explain the benefits of rebuilding on modern web frameworks.

Why is your site built on WordPress?

WordPress is the go-to solution for the vast majority of website agencies. It gives them the tools to quickly put together web pages with complex features, such as forms and payment solutions. This can all be done using a drag and drop interface and pre-built website themes.

Most website agencies have no idea how the code works, and when a website needs to be customised outside of what WordPress provides, the agency will outsource this work to external developers. This strategy works fine and many website agencies have thrived using it.

When does WordPress become a problem?

WordPress can be perfectly acceptable for the initial creation of a website and you can even extend the life of your WordPress website with code customisations, but it's likely that some day your website will need to break free of what WordPress and its plugins provide.

At this point your website agency may not be able to help you any further, as they only know WordPress. Now you're stuck with a complicated website that nobody knows how to work with. Outsourcing customisations becomes risky as random developers get involved, most of whom aren't familiar with coding standards and best practices. If your business relies heavily on its website then this is a bad situation to be in.

How can I help?

I am a qualified software developer with a Bachelors in Information Systems. I have been working purely with websites for 15 years and I follow the best practices. I am well aware of the limitations of WordPress and I have spent a lot of time trying to find alternative solutions. I have found these solutions and now I can build custom websites on modern development frameworks that provide all of the features of WordPress, and so much more.

I do know how to customise every aspect of a WordPress site but I can only recommend using Laravel as your website framework and abandoning WordPress entirely. If complex content management is required then the excellent Statamic CMS can be connected to Laravel. This combination removes all of the limitations associated with WordPress and your website can continue to evolve on a modern ecosystem that allows your ideas to be implemented without compromise.

Please explore the rest of my website to see what I can do. Check out my bespoke websites page and feel free to contact me.