Development blog

My name is Stuart Cusack and I am a web developer from Dublin. If you are looking to contact me regarding work then please visit my homepage here, otherwise, please try to enjoy my blog. It needs some work!

How to get a website high on Google

It's not rocket science but getting your website high up on Google can be confusing, especially when you don't have an understanding of how search engines work. My approach is to follow some simple sensible steps.


Roots - WordPress meets modern web development

If you want all the advantages of the WordPress content management system but you also need cutting-edge performance and the reliability of modern web development, then Roots may be the answer.


SEO, Meta Data & JavaScript

An interesting article I found about JavaScript injected meta data and the challenges search engines have utilising it.


Long Time No Post

My own website is being neglected and it's been a long while since an update or new content, but clients come first. So, just to keep my readers up to...


Mobile Application Development

I am currently learning how to build hybrid mobile applications. I hope to be able to offer mobile application development to my clients over the coming months.