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I am a web developer from Dublin and I design and build WordPress websites for small businesses and larger organisations.

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I know WordPress Inside and Out

My name is Stuart and I have been working with WordPress for a long time. I am a qualified programmer so I understand the inner workings of WordPress and I can customise code to suit the needs of any project.

I know the best ways to build a WordPress website so that it makes a positive impact on your business. I choose the best WordPress Themes and Plugins for my clients.

I work from my home in Tallaght, Dublin. Please feel free to contact me.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a website creation tool written in a programming language called PHP. It is, by far, the most popular website platform in the world and roughly one quarter of all websites in the world run on WordPress. If you're buying a new website or if you've bought a website in the last 10 years then, chances are, it is built on WordPress.

WordPress's most valuable feature is its content management system. It simplifies the task of building a website and for this reason most website companies choose to build on WordPress. It also gives the customer access to their website so that they might make changes to the text on their website in future.

WordPress does come with drawbacks but in general it is a good solution for the majority of websites.


WordPress websites are built on a Theme, which is a collection of code that handles the layout of your website. Themes can be written from scratch by a developer or they can be downloaded and installed on your WordPress system.

There are a massive selection of WordPress themes available, some are free and some come with a Premium. Choosing a theme for your website is a crucial decision.

I have worked with WordPress for a long time now and I have experience with many different free and premium themes. These days I only build WordPress websites using the best premium themes.


WordPress plugins are usually small bits of code that slot in to your WordPress website. They are a handy way of adding various features such as contact forms, booking systems, image sliders and social networking tools, which might otherwise take time and money to develop from scratch.

Just like themes, there are a massive selection of plugins available, many that are free to use and others that come with a price.

Choosing the right plugins to use is another crucial decision for your website and I make my WordPress plugin experience available to my clients.

Custom Code

I am a PHP programmer so customising WordPress in ways that are not possible through the admin system is one of my specialities.

I can customise your WordPress installation in any way that you need, from minor design tweaks, to custom forms and modules, right up to completely custom themes.

I occasionally work alongside other web design companies who require pixel-perfect replications of their PDF or Photoshop designs into a WordPress website.

My name is Stuart Cusack and I am a Web Developer from Tallaght, Dublin.
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