Development Blog 13th March 2022

WordPress Developer Dublin

I have decided to move away from WordPress and I am no longer offering new WordPress builds to my clients.

I have been building websites for over 15 years now and I have spent a LOT of time with WordPress. I have worked with all the big themes and plugins, and I''ve built custom themes and plugins. I've integrated many complex customisations to WordPress sites and I have worked extensively with the Roots framework for WordPress.

Why am I no longer building on WordPress?

To state it simply, I don't enjoy working with WordPress and I believe there are much better options available today.

WordPress makes my job as a developer harder. I find myself re-inventing the wheel over and over for problems that have already been solved by more modern frameworks. This leads to more man hours and higher costs for websites, and inevitably, a website that fails to meet its full potential. Creativity is sapped by the technical distractions of WordPress.

Laravel is the best

Laravel is a modern PHP framework that does everything right. Speaking as a qualified object-orientated programmer, Laravel is a pure joy to work with and completely opens up what one programmer can do with a website.

Laravel has been around for many years, and gets better with each release, but until recently there was no good content management solution to work alongside Laravel.

Statamic solves content management

I stuck with WordPress for so long because I couldn''t find a suitable alternative for websites that have a lot of content to manage. Thankfully this is no longer the case. I would like to introduce you to Statamic - A content management system for the Laravel framework.

Statamic fits perfectly on top of Laravel and is a pleasure for me to work with as well as for content managers. If, like me, you find WordPress Admin to be a complicated mess of menus and screens then I''m sure you will love the Statamic control panel.

One of the best things about Statamic is that it allows you to use all of Laravel''s powerful features. So now I can offer the best website framework and the best content management system as a single package.

If you want to know more about my Statamic development then visit this page.