Development Blog 3rd April 2017

Google PageSpeed and lightning fast websites

I hope that this page loaded quickly for you, because I am slightly obsessed with website optimisation. A slow loading website page can be a frustrating experience when you're in a hurry.

There are tests that every website should run if it doesn't want to frustrate it's visitors with slow loading times. Tests like these are available for free on Google's PageSpeed Insights and You can see my PageSpeed test resultsĀ here. I challenge you to compare your site to mine!

If I have set everything up correctly then this page should score highly on any web speed test, and it should also achieve the same scores at all times of the day, and night. A lot of websites perform okay during off-peak hours but during peak hours you will see a large percentage of small business websites grind to a halt.

Loading time is crucial in keeping visitors on your website, and it also affects your search rank. Using unreliable and under-powered hosting for your website is guaranteed to lose business. is built on a lightweight PHP framework and takes advantage of modern web development techniques that minimise server processing and page load times. My website is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) who provide cutting-edge cloud technology.

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