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I build websites of all kinds, for screens of all sizes, using the best technologies.
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Not just a web designer

Good design is important but it's just one of the factors that should be considered when building a website.

My name is Stuart and I am web designer and developer from Dublin.

I have been building websites for a long time and my brain is over-flowing with web-related know-how. I am a qualified and highly-experienced full-stack engineer which means that I have all of the skills required to create both simple and complicated websites.

Mobile Friendly

A good website needs to consider visitors on all screen sizes; from laptops to desktops, from tablets to smartphones. A Responsive website does exactly this.

My websites are responsive and mobile-friendly by default.

Mobile First

Mobile phone users now make up the biggest percentange of website visitors. The Mobile First approach takes this into account and is rightly deemed the proper approach to building today's websites.

All of my websites are firstly designed and tested for mobile phones, ensuring that the majority of your visitors can easily engage.

Responsive Web Design

Inherintly SEO Friendly

I know how to structure and optimise websites for search engines, giving them the best chance of reaching people through Google and Bing searches.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) begins at the very foundations of your website. The structure of your pages, products and services are the first things that I consider before I get into visual design.

I can also investigate the competition in your business's particular niche and determine the best strategy to steer your website to the top of the search results.

Speed Optimised

Google wants your website to load quickly and we have to consider people who are using their smartphones in areas with a weak 3G signal. Google will punish websites who do not consider these factors.

I know how to optimise websites and I run speed tests on everything I build.

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My name is Stuart and I am a Web Developer from Dublin
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