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I build contemporary websites of all kinds, for screens of all sizes, using the best technology.

Web Design
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Not just a web designer

My name is Stuart and I am web designer from Dublin. I have been building websites for a long time and I have a deep understanding of the technology. I am a qualified full-stack web developer.

All of my websites are structured and optimised for search engines so that they have the best chance of reaching people through Google searches.

My websites are also Responsive meaning they change shape to fit all screen sizes, making them easy to use on all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Good design is important but it is just one of the factors that you should consider when building a website. I make my expertise available to all of my clients. Please feel free to contact me.

Mobile Friendly

In the old days websites were designed with only 4:3 ratio monitors in mind. Nowadays we have a vast array of screen sizes and aspect ratios to consider when designing a website including: monitors, TVs, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones.

A responsive website is one that automatically adjusts to fit any screen size it is viewed on, and this is the modern standard for websites. Non-responsive websites are hard to use on mobile phones and most users will give up on a badly designed website after a couple of seconds.

Mobile First

The term 'Mobile First' has been coined in recent years. In essence, it states that mobile phones should be the foremost important device to consider when designing a website. This is deemed the correct approach to building today's websites as mobile phone users make up over 60% of website visitors.

Responsive Web Design

Inherintly SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation begins at the very foundations of your website. The structure of your pages, products and services is the first thing I address before I consider anything graphical or aesthetic. I also scan the landscape for your competition and aim to make your website win the battle for the top position.

Speed Optimised

Google wants your website to load quickly for people who are using their smartphones in areas with a weak 3G signal and they will punish websites who do not consider these factors. I know how to optimise websites and I run speed tests on everything I build. Don't forget to check out my cloud hosting services for the fastest hosting in Ireland.

My name is Stuart Cusack and I am a Web Developer from Tallaght, Dublin.
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