Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

I help websites reach higher on Google using recommended techniques
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I know how to optimise websites

My name is Stuart Cusack and I am a professional Web Developer from Dublin. I am qualified in Information Systems and I have 15 years worth of experience in the field of website development. I have a deep understanding of websites and all the technologies that make them work.

Google is King so any website that wants to rank well should follow Google's guidelines. I offer an array of services that help increase your website's rank with Google.

I can also help website ranks higher on Bing and the other search engines.


If you want your website to appear high up on Google searches then you have to structure your website's pages in a way that Google's website crawlers can understand.

I have a deep understanding of websites and website crawlers and I can help you to package your product and services to give them the best chance of performing well on Google and other search engines.

Markup Optimisation

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the language that is used to render the contents and layout of a webpage. A crucial part of search engine optimisation is ensuring that your website's HTML is properly coded and well structured.

Metadata, which is equally important in search engine optimisation, describes the contents of a page so that people, and search engine crawlers, can quickly see what a page contains before opening it.

Optimised markup and metadata work hand-in-hand with well-structured pages to give a web page a good chance of reaching the top of the search results.

Page Speed Optimisation

Google wants your website to load quickly and a smartphone connected to a weak 3G signal is the ultimate test of page speed optimisation. If your web pages are too large or if your website's hosting is inadequate then Google may negatively rank your website.

In addition to a negative search rank, studies have shown that website users have very little patience when it comes to a page loading. Ideal load times for a web page are 1 second or less. Anything above this can cause a user to lose interest and leave your website.

Webmaster Tools & Analytics

Google provides some great tools for checking on the performance of a website and making sure that nothing is affecting your websites rank or your visitor's experience.

I use these tools together with my web engineering background to ensure that my websites are healthy and performing at their best.

My name is Stuart and I am a Web Developer from Dublin
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