Development Blog 3rd April 2017

Cloud Based Administration Systems

More and more businesses are moving their administration systems to the internet browser thanks to the advances in cloud-hosting and HTML technologies. A cloud-based system means that you and your staff can have full access to whatever data is required by logging in from any PC or device with an internet browser. Cloud-based systems require less development time and they are much more versatile than traditional operating-system-based software.

I build cloud-based administration system from scratch on the Laravel PHP Framework, with optional support for Bootstrap, to bring modern looking and easy-to-use systems that can be tailored precisely to meet your staff's needs.

Example System 1: Client Management System

I have built a Laravel and Bootstrap system for a couple of clients who works as a financial brokers. They required a system for keeping track of their own clients which needed to support multiple users who would have their own personal list of clients. As you can imagine, a login system was required and security of their client's personal data was critical. The system also needed a function that would allow the user to created dated notes on each client so that they could keep track of the history of actions taken with each client.

Example System 2: Property & Facilities Management System

Another client of mine runs a property management company and is responsible for thousands of properties, and all the facilities, such as bin rooms and bike sheds, that go with them. A system was needed for reporting any incidents that may occur in any area of the company's properties or facilities, be it an activated fire alarm or a break-in. Previously the company had to rely on a paper filing system which, over the years, had filled an entire room of folders that were completely inefficient when it came to retrieving specific details. The new system had to keep detailed records which could be fully traceable so that reports could be generated simply at any time. The system also needed to be very simple to use as most of the users would not be too computer-savvy. You can read more about the property management system here.

These are just two examples to give you a rough idea of the applications possible with a custom cloud-based PHP system. There are an infinite number of other uses for these systems.

I usually build custom systems in phases. Most of my clients prefer to start with the necessities then build upon that over time, once they've gained a better idea of what they need and what is possible. The beauty of the Laravel framework is that it allows me to jump back into a project down the line and add to it easily.

Talk to me today if you think a cloud-based administration system might be suitable for your business. I am available to help advise on and plan your ideal system before I create it using modern development techniques. I also provide fast and secure cloud-based hosting for my administration systems. I generally work with clients in Dublin but you can take advantage of my services from anywhere in the world via email and Skype.