Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Shared hosting no longer cuts the mustard.
I provide the fastest hosting in Ireland, with SSL certificates included.

Cloud Hosting
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I provide the fastest
hosting in Ireland

My name is Stuart and I have been working freelance with websites for over 15 years now. In my time I have worked with almost all of the website hosting providers in Ireland.

These days I can only recommend dedicated cloud hosting to my clients because it's the only solution that gives the speedy and reliable performance that a modern website needs to stand a chance against the competition.

I utilise Amazon Cloud Farms located in Ireland through Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide hosting that's performance and cost effectiveness is unmatched. For Irish based websites, there is no faster hosting.

Cloud Hosting

User testing shows that people are very impatient with websites and they will not wait very long for a web page to load. In fact, if a page on your website takes more than one second to load you run the risk of losing the visitor's attention. In turn, search engines such as Google will not look favourably upon a slow website. You should run this test on your website right now (make sure to test from the location most appropriate to your business).

Shared hosting is no longer good enough and many Cloud Hosting packages do no cut the mustard or are far too expensive. I provide the fastest available cloud hosting to my clients, and each of my clients get their own cloud instance, guaranteeing their website a certain amount of processing power and performance, any time of day or night.

My managed cloud hosting package for WordPress websites comes in at €238 per, which I admit is more expensive than your average hosting package, but it is worth it. My package includes SSL certificates (usually costing €100 per year) and monthly WordPress core and plugin updates, administered by hand, another important item often neglected by most websites I see.

You can read more on my blog article "The Fastest Hosting in Ireland" here.

Free SSL Certificates

You may have noticed the green padlock icon in the address bar of your browser indicating that your connection to my website is 'Secure'. You may have also noticed that other websites are marked as 'Insecure'. Well this is all down to SSL certificates.

SSL certificates are becoming increasingly important and Google is already giving precedence to websites with proper SSL certificates in place. A site with SSL will rank higher in the search results.

I can set up and manage SSL certificates for any website. They usually price at around €100 per year per domain, but they come entirely free with any websites that are hosted on my cloud hosting packages.

Domain Names

A domain name is what people type into their web browser's address bar in order to open a website, for example: These must be paid for on an annual basis through a domain name registrar, which is a company with a licence to sell domain names.

I'm here to give you advice on whether you should go for .com or .ie or any other top-level domain name such as or .net.

I can purchase and renew your domain on an annual basis for a fee of €10 per domain name per annum, on top of the price paid to the domain name registrar.

My name is Stuart Cusack and I am a Web Developer from Tallaght, Dublin.
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