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WordPress Developer For Hire

WordPress can save a lot on development time with it's pre-made templates and endless supply of useful plugins, which, in the end, can produce a cutting-edge website at a fraction of the cost of a custom build. It's also a great system for creating most kinds of custom website set-ups. WordPress has become the most popular website content management system in the world because it's very good at what it does.

WordPress attempts to simplify the process of website building, and it does so very well, most of the time.

It's a cost-effective system, but not an ideal system. I wouldn't recommend it in all cases - for example, if you are concerned about performance or security and the protection of your user's personal information - but, for a lot of cases it's advantages greatly out-weight it's drawbacks, and the majority of it's security flaws can be patched up with various technical tricks and plug-ins. The undeniable advantage of WordPress, though, is that it gives a non-technical user, almost, full control of their website's content and functionality, so that the owner can update their website without the need for a background in web programming. It's ease of use and degree of customisability makes WordPress the best pre-made content management system available for brochure-style and local-business websites.

I must emphasise, though, that every website build has unique requirements, and sometimes WordPress isn't the best option, but when the desired results can be achieved with WordPress then I will always recommend it to my clients as the most economical option.

Talk to me today if you think WordPress might be suitable for you. I provide complete WordPress setups as well as upgrading, trouble-shooting and maintainence of existing WordPress installations. I can recommend free themes and premium themes, modify them, or create brand new themes from scratch to meet precise needs. I generally work with clients in Dublin but you can take advantage of my services from anywhere in the world via email and Skype.

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