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Welcome to Laravel Nova

I recently heard about Laravel Nova: an administration system for Laravel, by the creators of Laravel. Sounds great already. I decided to install it on my own website: stuartcusack.ie, to see what it can do.

So far, so good. I have created a simple blog post and post category system that is easy to manage and add to, and it's working behind the scenes right now as you read this.

At this point I am only using Nova as a system to manage my blog, but it has the potential to do infinitely more. Nova can be configured to manage any kind of "resource"; resources being collections of things that you need to manage in your application. These could be your typical website stuff such as users and products, to web content such as images, videos and documents.

It doesn't stop there though; you can apply the resource concept to anything at all. Let me give you some examples; over the years my custom applications have needed administration panels to manage different things, depending on the application. Examples of these things include apartments, schools, employees and work records. Nova provides tools that are flexible enough to build administration systems that could potentially cater for all of these things. It seems so flexible that I wonder if Nova could eventually replace all of my own custom-built administration systems.

Nova doesn't interfere with your application's structure and it wont force the developer to compromise, which is a big problem with most administation panels ... cough cough, WordPress. I shouldn't even mention the 'W' word here but it's helping me make a point: Nova does not pre-define anything about your data or your application, it's simply there to help you manage them, and that enables developers to be more creative with their code and not have to worry about how they can get their application to work with a restrictive admin panel.

It's still in its early stages but when you've got Taylor Otwell (the creator of Laravel) and his colleagues working on it, as well as the support of the enthusiastic Laravel community, you can rest assured that Nova is only going to get better and better.

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