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Website Advice

Websites are complicated, and knowing how to take advantage of the internet for your business can be a confusing affair. It's also very easy to waste money on an in-effective web-strategy. I have witnessed many different attempts to get websites off the ground and I make my experience available to any of my clients who need advice or a point in the right direction.

So, if you have a website idea or you want to get your business on-line then I may be able to advise you on a cost-effective approach. I'll be honest and forthright if I think your idea is unfeasible. I'm not here to make a sale. I like to see my clients succeed and I hate to waste time and money.

Similarly, if you already have a website, then I can study it to find any faults or suggestions that could lead to an increase in traffic or sales.

Talk to me today if you want to discuss a new or existing website. I generally work with clients in Dublin but you can take advantage of my services from anywhere in the world via email and Skype.

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