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Property Management System

I recently built a system for a client who works in the field of property management. The client's company is responsible for managing thousands of apartments, retail units and all the facilities - such as gates, boiler rooms and bike sheds - that go with them.

Previously the company had relied on paper-based reports. Reports that mostly contained details of important incidents that occurred on the premises. Incidents such as break-ins, equipment faults and tenant grievances had filled rooms over the years. The company couldn't dispose of these records as they might be required in future for legal matters. If not, they were at least useful from a management point of view.

A solution was required to move away from the paper-based system.

Incident Reporting System

In the end I produced a system that could track and record all types of incidents, be it a fire alarm activation, a break-in or a problem with the heating system in an apartment. These incidents could be searched and retrieved at any time, filterable by date, type of incident, who reported the incident and so forth. Follow-ups could be entered by staff members so that the company would have a detailed history of an incident and what action was taken.

Apartment / Retail-Unit Management System

I also created sections to manage apartments and retail units, which allowed the user to easily find any landlords, tenants or property agents connected to the apartment or retail unit. Personal details we're stored and connected to each of the persons profiles, so the previous problem of not being able to find someone's phone number was solved.

Security was of course a major concern, due to the use of personal data, so database encryption, SSL and tight restrictions on what types of users could access what kind of information were all implemented.

The two systems above also worked together, so that personal details could be collected from the caller when an incident is reported on the phone and in turn personal details for the landlords, tenants and agents of a property would be collected and attached to the property automatically.

Contractor Reporting

The property management company also wanted to keep track of incoming contractors and take notes on what work was being carried out, then sign them out when they leave the premises. This was they could keep tracked of work carried out on site and what bills were outstanding with each contractor.

Multiple Users and User Types

This particular client of mine had multiple administration offices who each needed access to the system. Each location had multiple employees who would use the same login, so a complex user set up was required to keep track of who was entering what data to the system.

This is just an example of what can be achieved with a custom system. Solutions can be custom-built to handle all kinds of administration and every company has unique requirements so that's why custom systems, like the ones I build, are far more suitable than a generic administration package.

Talk to me today if you want to discuss a custom administration system for your company. My systems are built using the latest technologies and they come with lightning-fast and highly-secure cloud hosting. I generally work with clients in Dublin but you can take advantage of my services from anywhere in the world via email and Skype.

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