3rd April 2017

Super-fast websites, page speeds and load times

The web page you are reading right now is fast. If you didn't notice then you may be using a slow connection or perhaps you are located on the other side of the world. You can run this test for my site to verify my claim. Select 'Test from: Stockholm, Sweden' as stuartcusack.ie's servers are located in Ireland.

The pingdom.com test linked above shows my website in the top 97% of all websites tested and it gets a 'B' grade (that easily becomes an 'A' grade if I ever decide to implement a cookie-less domain for images). It will achieve these same scores every day of the week from first thing in the morning into the early hours of the night. Most websites may perform well during off-peak hours but try running this test in the late afternoon or early evening on a weekday and you may see your website grind to a halt if it uses shared hosting.

Side note: If you have ever heard of Google's PageSpeed Insights then you might be interested in these results instead. Page speed is a useful tool but its formulas are flawed and can offer bad optimisation advice.

Loading time is a crucial factor in keeping visitors on your website longer and it can also be a factor that affects your Google page rank, as well as your rank on other search engines. Using unreliable and under-powered hosting for your website is likely to lose you new clients.

stuartcusack.ie is built on a lightweight PHP framework using modern web development techniques that minimise server processing, file sizes and page load times. Not only this, my website is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) who provide cutting-edge cloud computing that can be almost as cheap as shared hosting when you know what your doing.

Talk to me today if you want your PHP or WordPress website to perform faster. While I can't guarantee speeds quite as fast as mine when using heavier web platforms such as WordPress or Joomla, I can confidentially state that I can make the vast majority of websites score in and around the top 90% of websites tested on pingdom.com.

I can even provide AWS hosting for sites based in Europe, North & South America, Asia and any countries located within a couple of thousand kilmeters of an AWS availability zone.