3rd April 2017

The Fastest Website Hosting in Ireland

No, I'm not lying. It really is the fastest hosting in Ireland. You see my website servers are located in Amazon cloud farms. Yes, the same Amazon as amazon.com, and they provided cutting edge cloud technology at their Dublin and Ireland based cloud farms, which you can read more about here. There are other cloud hosting services but AWS is unrivalled in Ireland.

The only problem with this amazing technology is figuring out how to utilise it. You don't have to worry about it because I am a qualified web programmer with training in network configuration. I have been setting up websites on Amazon's Web Services (AWS) for a few years now. I can offer AWS cloud hosting to customers in Ireland, the UK, or anywhere in the world that is close enough to an AWS Availability Zone.

Using AWS I can provide high-speed cloud hosting starting at a very affordable €139 per year which includes SSL certificates.

I also highly recommend opting for my WordPress security management and backup services for an additional €99 per year.

Please note that some websites may not be suitable for my hosting service and though I am usually available 7 days a week, I cannot provided 24/7 hosting support. I am however happy to provide partials refunds should our arrangement prove unsuitable for your website. Websites containing viruses can overload the cloud instance so performance will be affected. I do provide a website malware cleaning service at extra cost.


Pricing guidelines, which include Amazon's fees as well as my own, are as follows:

EC2 Nano Instance:

For a website with roughly 500 visitors per day
€139 per year

EC2 Micro Instance:

For a website with roughly 1000 visitors per day
€179 per year

EC2 Small Instance:

For a website with over 3000 visitors per day
€219 per year

* Larger Instances Available.
* Prices as of July 2018. Likely to change.
* Visitor estimates are also very rough and entirely dependent on your website's software.

What's Included:

  • Single Domain Hosting Only (Up to 3 subdomains allowed)
  • AWS Hosting
  • Cloudflare DNS
  • Free SSL (LetsEncrypt)
  • 20Gb STORAGE
  • Uptime Monitoring

* Does not include email hosting (I recommend Google's GSuite for your websites emails).
* Additional costs may incur for website migration or more complicated requirements.


For WordPress websites I highly recommend you add my WordPress Management Services, for an additional €99/yr per site. This includes monthly Wordpress Updates (theme & plugins) and bi-monthly backups. A WordPress website should always be managed due to it's tendency to attract malware and hacking scripts.

The problem with shared hosting

Shared hosting can be painfully slow sometimes for a number of reasons:

  • Hosting providers place too many of their customers and websites on a single shared server machine to increase their profit margins.
  • Badly configured servers and outdated protocols. It's very labour intensive and problematic for shared hosting companies to update their platform when they have so many customers, many of which have websites built on old technologies.
  • Viruses from other customers websites slow your website down as they are hosted on the same machine.
  • Peak traffic levels are not considered so your website may run fine at midnight but horribly slow during the afternoon.

A dedicated server, one that is not shared with other customers, can solve this problem but they can also be extremely expensive. The solution to affordable hosting that is both fast and reliable is The Cloud.

The cloud solution

Cloud hosting, in some ways, works similar to shared hosting, but in other ways it works like dedicated hosting. This solves all the problems of shared hosting above like so:

  • Though many websites may be running on a single machine you are guaranteed a certain amount of processing power and RAM. If another customer's website is eating up it's processing allowance then it will not affect your website.
  • Your website will have it's own virtual machine and all the software and hosting protocols are for your websites alone, meaning they can be easily kept up to date.
  • Viruses cannot traverse from one virtual machine to another so your website is safe even if another website on the same machine gets infected. No matter what happens you are still guaranteed your share of processing power and RAM.
  • Peak traffic levels become much more manageable since you now only have to consider your own website's traffic. Detailed graphs and stats will alert you if more cloud processing power is required at certain times of day.