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Custom Websites

The majority of small-business, brochure-style websites today use freely available content management systems, such as WordPress or Joomla, behind the scenes, and while these can be great options for budget-focused websites, they are rarely the best solution.

I build Custom Websites from scratch using a combination of PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, MySQL and some various useful packages and plug-ins such as Bootstrap. For complex projects or administration system I used the Laravel PHP Framework.

When there's no room for compromise on your website's features or security then custom building is the only way to go.

The hand-made approach may take more man-hours and increase the cost of your build, but this isn't necessarily true for all cases. Some of the pre-made solutions can overcomplicate simple applications due to their massive array of features, many of which you will never use. With a custom build, you can have all the features you want, tailored exactly to your preference, with none of the bloated useless features, which can make management of your website far more straight-forward that using a pre-made content management system.

Custom-building is generally the best approach for concept websites. Social networks, business directories, Groupon-style websites and anything unique just isn't suitable for WordPress and the likes. Sure, it can be done, but it's unnecessary over-complication, and you'll end up compromising on most aspects of your website's functionality.

If any personal or sensitive data is to be stored in your website's database then, again, Custom-building is the far more secure option. A custom-built website is much less susceptible to both automated and targeted attacks. You'll have access to the most advanced data-encryption methods and full control of your websites entry points. Custom building is recommended for any businesses that must comply with laws or data-protection acts.

Talk to me today if you think a Custom-built solution might be suitable for you. I am available to help advise on and plan your ideal system before I create it using modern development techniques. I also provide secure cloud-based hosting for custom websites that require speed and reliability. I generally work with clients in Dublin but you can take advantage of my services from anywhere in the world via email and Skype.

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