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Amazon EC2 Website Hosting

A slow, unresponsive website is a frustrating experience and it can affect your company's efficiency as well as decreasing your website's ability to attract new customers and sales. Unfortunately, a lot of websites rely on shared hosting, which can make a website almost unusable at peak-hours and it also can lead to regular server crashes, which can take a website offline temporarily. The modern solution to these problems is Cloud-based Hosting.

When shared hosting is affecting your website's speed, reliability, and more importantly, your business, then it's time to consider other options. Cloud hosting is the most cost-effective and versatile hosting solution available today.

There are many companies offering cloud hosting these days, but the few I have been unfortunate enough to work with have been very tricky to configure. Cloud hosting is generally unmanaged, which means that you will either have to pay the hosting company extra for them to configure it for you, or you will have to find someone who can work with command-line configuration. A network administrator.

I am partially trained in network administration though it's not my speciality, however, when I came across Amazon EC2 Cloud Hosting a few years back, I knew this could be the answer to my website's problems. I have since been learning and working with Amazon Web Services. I am by no means an expert, but I can configure hosting for small to medium-sized websites and private cloud-based systems.

Amazon have a data centre in Ireland which makes hosting with Amazon even more attractive for Irish customers. Websites load lightning-fast and the machines are very reliable. I have yet to see one go down, or even been slowed down, from high traffic.

I recommend Amazon EC2 Hosting for almost every website, just as long as your budget isn't too tight.

Talk to me today if you want to discuss or set-up Amazon EC2 hosting. I generally work with clients in Dublin but you can take advantage of my services from anywhere in the world via email and Skype.

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